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The Reasons Why Volvo Diesel Generator Set Failed to Start

Jun. 14, 2022

The utilization rate of Volvo diesel generator sets in daily work and life is still quite high. Therefore, when the Volvo diesel generator set has a problem, we are also very troubled. Let's introduce the reason why the Volvo diesel generator set does not respond after starting.

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After pressing the start button, the Volvo diesel generator set does not rotate. This is mainly because the battery has no electricity or is faulty, and the connecting wire of the battery is loose. The solenoid valve of the starter is not energized, and the magnetic field cannot be generated. The starter does not turn. First, check whether the battery is short of power and whether the connecting wire is loose.

If the battery capacity is sufficient and the wiring is good, the fault lies in the starter or the starter switch. Use thick wires to short-circuit the two terminals of the starter switch. If the starter runs normally at this time, it can be judged that the fault is in the switch. Generally, the main circuit cannot be connected due to the ablation of the switch contacts, the damage of the spring, and the improper adjustment of the push rod. It can be repaired or replaced according to the specific situation. If there is a strong spark after the switch is short-circuited, but the starter does not turn, the fault is in the starter. Usually, the excitation coil is short-circuited, the armature coil is short-circuited, etc., which should be removed and repaired. If there is no spark after the switch is short-circuited, it may be that the carbon brushes are worn out and have poor contact with the armature converter. At this time, the carbon brushes should be replaced.

Use a multimeter to check the voltage drop of the battery before and after starting the diesel engine. If the single block voltage measured before starting is less than 12.5V, it means that the battery has insufficient power; if the measured voltage is greater than 12.5V, and the voltage drops more than 1.5V during starting, it means that the battery has insufficient power; if the voltage drop is very high If it is small, it means that the electromagnetic switch or DC motor is faulty, and should continue to check.

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