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The Purpose of Diesel Generator Set Fuel Injectors

Jan. 18, 2024

The fuel injection system of the diesel generator set atomizes the fuel and distributes it in the components that mix with air in the combustion chamber. It mainly consists of fuel injectors and fuel injector bodies, and its installation position and angle on the cylinder head depend on the design of the combustion chamber.

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The spray characteristics of diesel generator injector include atomization particle size, oil spray distribution, fuel spray direction, range and diffusion cone angle. These characteristics should meet the requirements of the diesel engine combustion system, in order to form a perfect mixture and combustion, and achieve higher power and thermal efficiency. This article is written by professional diesel generator manufacturer Dingbo Electric to deepen your understanding of the structure and requirements of fuel injectors for generator sets.

1. The structure of the fuel injector. Fuel injectors are divided into two types: open and closed. Open fuel injectors have a simple structure, but poor atomization and are rarely used. Closed fuel injectors are widely used in various diesel engines.

2. Requirements for fuel injectors. 1) Has a certain injection pressure and range; 2) The injection cone angle that matches the shape of the combustion chamber; 3) Good atomization, no oil dripping phenomenon; 4) Quickly cut off fuel at the end of fuel injection; 5) Has a certain service life (over 3000h).

3. The structure of the fuel injector. There are two main types of fuel injectors for diesel engines: hole type injectors and needle type injectors. A brief introduction is as follows:

Hole type fuel injector structure. The orifice type injector is used on direct injection combustion chamber diesel engines. The nozzle head of a hole type injector is machined with one or more spray holes. A single hole injector has one spray hole, a double hole injector has two spray holes, and a multi hole injector has three or more spray holes.

The number of spray holes for fuel injectors is generally l-7, with a diameter of 0.2-0.5mm. The diameter of the spray hole should not be too small, otherwise it is not easy to process and is easily blocked by carbon deposits during use.

Needle type fuel injector. The principle of needle type fuel injector is the same as that of hole type fuel injector, with a similar structure, except that the structure of the fuel injector head is different.

In a needle type injector, there is a section of needle below the sealing cone of the needle valve, which passes through the spray hole on the needle valve body and slightly protrudes outside the needle valve body, making the spray hole circular. Therefore, the injection of the needle type injector is hollow.

The pivot pin can be made into a cylindrical or truncated cone shape. The spray cone angle of cylindrical pin is smaller, while the spray cone angle of truncated cone pin is larger. Therefore, the needle shaft can be made into different shapes to obtain injection of different shapes to meet the needs of different shaped combustion chambers. Needle type injectors are mainly used in swirl chamber combustion chambers.

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