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The Purpose of Diesel Generator Intermediate Repair

Sep. 13, 2021

Intermediate repair refers to a planned repair between two adjacent overhaul rooms. The main purpose is to balance the difference in the service life and wear patterns between the various parts, so as to ensure or extend the interval between overhauls. The scope of operation is between minor repairs and major repairs. Under normal circumstances, the assembly components or individual parts with excessive wear are replaced to restore the normal working state or stability of the diesel generator set.

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1. Basic content of intermediate repair:

(1) Replace the plunger assembly and delivery valve assembly of the fuel injection pump with excessive wear in the governor, and make corrections and adjustments; check the fuel injection pressure and atomization of the fuel injector. When oil dripping, oil leakage or no oil injection occurs under pressure, the fuel injection nozzle assembly inside the fuel injector can be replaced.

(2) Replace the piston, piston ring, piston pin and connecting rod bush, and replace the cylinder liner under special circumstances.

(3) Replace the intake and exhaust valves with excessive wear, and carry out grinding and cleaning.

(4) Overhaul the battery charging generator and starter of the diesel generator set, repair parts with large wear, and replace carbon brushes with large wear.

(5) For the assembled diesel generator set, the valve clearance and fuel supply advance angle should be adjusted according to the specified data.

(7) Technical requirements for medium repair. In the middle repair process, the parts whose wear amount reaches the limit value must be replaced with new ones, and the parts with less wear amount should continue to be used. The output power of the diesel generator set after medium repair should be close to the rated power, and no abnormal noise is allowed during operation.

2. Intermediate repairs should include various quality requirements for minor repairs:

(1) Before assembling the piston ring, check the end clearance, light leakage, backlash, backlash and elasticity of the ring. After assembly, it should be able to rotate in the piston ring groove without jamming.

(2) The roundness of each journal of the crankshaft after repair should be consistent, and the surface of the journal should be smooth. After the crankshaft is assembled, cross-movement is not allowed, and its axial movement should meet the technical requirements specified in the manual.

(3) The calibrated fuel injection pump-governor assembly and fuel injectors should meet the various operating requirements of diesel generator sets.

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