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The Main Reasons of Cylinder Head Damage in Diesel Generator Sets

Nov. 14, 2023

The reasons for cracks in the cylinder head of diesel generator sets include: firstly, uneven thickness or excessive residual stress during casting; secondly, improper use and maintenance by operators. This article will provide a brief introduction to Dingbo power generation equipment.

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For example, forgetting to drain the cooling water inside the diesel engine in cold regions; Excessive accumulation of scale can lead to poor local heat dissipation, resulting in overloaded operation of the diesel engine and excessive thermal stress inside the body; Sudden addition of cold water to the water tank during high temperature conditions of the diesel engine: the engine body is hit by significant external forces, etc.

The reasons for carbon accumulation in the cylinder head of diesel generator sets include: firstly, the diesel engine is idling for a long time; Secondly, the fuel supply advance angle was not adjusted according to the data specified in the technical manual. Thirdly, the pressure inside the cylinder was relatively low; The fourth issue is poor atomization of diesel fuel sprayed by the fuel injector, low injection pressure, no fuel injection or dripping; The fifth issue is the long-term overload transportation of diesel engines, and the sixth issue is the poor quality of diesel.

The main reasons for the deformation of the cylinder head of diesel generator sets include: firstly, defects during casting; secondly, deformation caused by high temperature during welding cracks; The third reason is that the torque used by maintenance personnel to tighten the cylinder head exceeds the torque specified in the technical manual, causing deformation around the screw hole; Fourthly, when the maintenance personnel were assembling the cylinder head, the nuts were subjected to uneven force or were not tightened in the specified order. Fifthly, the maintenance personnel did not disassemble the cylinder head nuts in the specified order.

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