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The Large Cycle and Small Cycle of Generator Sets

Jul. 12, 2023

The coolant is not circulating, the oil suction pipe is blocked, and the oil cooler is blocked by the external gap of the blocked radiator core. The engine is overloaded, replace the oil on time, and use the oil filter correctly. Mechanical adjustment and repair, improper bearing clearance, engine requiring major repairs, main or connecting rod bearing damage. The engine is overloaded, replace the oil on time, and use the oil filter correctly. Only under the correct maintenance method can the normal use of the generator set be ensured.

containerized generator

The operation of the generator set, including large cycles, not small cycles, or the absence of a large cycle of small cycles, can cause the cylinder temperature of the generator set to rise quickly, and the temperature of the oil to rise, which will lead to a sudden stop. The safe use of the corresponding generator set will directly affect it. The radiator of the generator set is blocked or damaged, the cooling fan is not working or the radiator is blocked, the coolant temperature does not drop down, the water tank is rusted and damaged, causing leakage, and can also lead to poor blood circulation in the generator set.

The combustion chamber of the generator set is equipped with a temperature controlled combustion chamber for the purpose. If the temperature controller is open at the specified temperature (82 degrees), it will help with small circulation. If there is no temperature controller, the coolant cannot maintain the circulation temperature, which may cause a low temperature alarm of the generator set. If the coolant level is low or does not comply with the low level of the generator set, it can be a direct result of increasing the cooling water temperature of the generator set. This can lead to non circulation of the generator set coolant. If it is not specified, the pipeline will be blocked and the inner wall of the pipeline will rust, and the coolant cannot circulate normally.

If there is mixed gas, the pipelines of the cooling system of the generator set will be blocked, and damage to the suction and expansion water tank valves and discharge valves will affect the direct pressure of the cycle. Then, it should always be checked. If the pressure value meets the regulations, the suction pressure is 10kpa, and the exhaust pressure is 40kpa. In addition to the operation of the exhaust pipe of the generator set, it is also an important factor to judge blood circulation. Check if the water pump of the generator set is working properly. The water pump will not function properly. If the gear pump driven by the generator set is worn, it must be replaced with a new one in order to circulate normally.

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