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The Internal Combustion Engine of Daewoo Generator Set

May. 26, 2023

The timing of the internal combustion engine overhaul for Korean Daewoo generator sets should generally be determined based on the prescribed working hours and technical conditions. Due to improper use and maintenance of Korean Daewoo generator sets or poor working conditions of internal combustion engines, it may not be until it is already working hours. Therefore, when determining the internal combustion engine overhaul of Daewoo power generation set in South Korea, in addition to working hours, the following overhaul standards should also be considered.

Daewoo generator

The overhaul of the internal combustion engine of the Daewoo generator set is a type of restorative maintenance, mainly aimed at restoring the power performance, economic performance, and fastening performance of the internal combustion engine of the Daewoo generator set, ensuring the intact condition of the internal combustion engine of the Daewoo generator set, and extending the service life of the Daewoo generator set in South Korea.

Repair or replace the crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder liner, valve seat, and valve guide of the Daewoo generator set, repair the eccentric bearing of the Daewoo generator set, replace the plunger pair, oil outlet valve pair, and needle valve pair of the Daewoo generator set, repair and weld the oil pipe and joint, repair the water pump, governor, and clean the scale of the water jacket.

Inspect, repair, and adjust the water supply of Daewoo generator units, circuits, instruments, charging generators, and starting motors in the electrical system, as well as the installation, inspection, testing, adjustment, and load trial operation of the system. The internal combustion engine power of the Daewoo generator set is insufficient, and the speed drops significantly after loading, resulting in sudden sound changes and black smoke emitted from the exhaust. The internal combustion engine of the South Korean Daewoo generator set is difficult to start at room temperature, and the crankshaft bearings, connecting rod bearings, and piston pins are hit after being heated.

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