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The Composition of Weichai Steyr Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 19, 2022

Weichai Steyr diesel generator set is produced by introducing the technology of Steyr-Daimler-Puch Company of Austria. With good comprehensive performance, it has the advantages of small size, high power, low fuel consumption, strong versatility, reliable performance, energy saving and environmental protection. It is a highly professional power supply product that can adapt to high altitude areas and is deeply trusted by users.

Weichai generator

Weichai Steyr diesel generator set structure configuration:

1. Flywheel housing. The flywheel connection part of Weichai Steyr diesel generator set adopts the international common SAE1 and SAEIII flywheel housing interface, and has a matching flywheel and flywheel connection plate, which can be matched with various generators at home and abroad.

2. Mechanical governor. The use of AD fuel injection pump or EP9 fuel injection pump improves the speed regulation of the diesel engine.

3. Electronic governor. Equipped with electronic governor models, the speed of diesel engine can be less than 5%.

4. Fuel filter. The fuel is filtered through two stages, which ensures the cleanliness of the fuel and improves the reliability and life of the diesel fuel supply system.

5. Fuel system. The fuel system of Weichai Steyr diesel generator set adopts A-type multi-cylinder synthetic reinforced fuel injection pump and closed multi-hole fuel injection nozzle. The fuel adopts a bipolar fuel filter, which ensures the cleanliness of the fuel entering the fuel injection pump and improves the service life of the fuel injection pump. The use of P-type small pressure is the Eurasian extrusion grinding injector to improve the quality of fuel atomization.

6. Air filter. The use of an air filter for air intake ensures the cleanness of the intake air, broadens the application field of the diesel engine, and improves the service life of the unit.

7. Cooling system. The cooling system of Weichai Steyr diesel generator set adopts closed circulation, forced water cooling and large-flow water pump, which enhances the cooling capacity of the diesel engine and ensures the heat balance requirements of the diesel engine when it is working.

8. Muffler. Reduce the noise of the unit and make the product meet the environmental protection requirements.

9. Start the machine. 24V electric start. -5 ℃ time to start smoothly. (When the user has special requirements, 12V electric start can be provided.)

The above is the structural configuration of the Weichai Steyr diesel generator set. Users can see whether this type of generator set is suitable according to their own use, use environment and required power. It is believed that Weichai Steyr diesel generator set with its Good comprehensive performance and its advantages such as low cost of use and long maintenance cycle will surely popularize more industries.

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