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The Composition And Working Principle Of Diesel Engine Starter

Jun. 17, 2022

The main function of the diesel generator starter is to better help the machine to restart, and the function of starting can make it operate smoothly. It converts the electrical energy of the battery into mechanical energy, and drives the engine flywheel to rotate to start the engine.


After the engine transitions from the static state to the working state, the flywheel of the engine is driven to rotate to realize the start of the engine, so that the piston reciprocates, the combustible mixture in the cylinder is combusted and expanded to do work, and the piston moves downward to make the crankshaft rotate, and the engine can run and work by itself. The cycle can be done automatically. Therefore, the whole process from when the crankshaft starts to rotate under the action of external force to when the engine starts to idle automatically is completed.


diesel generator

The starter generally consists of three parts:

(1) DC series motor, its role is to generate torque.


(2) Transmission mechanism (or meshing mechanism), its function is: when the engine is started, the starter drive gear is meshed into the flywheel gear ring, and the starter torque is transmitted to the engine crankshaft, after the engine is started, the drive gear is slipped and the flywheel gear ring disengages automatically.


(3) The control device (ie switch) is used to connect and cut off the circuit between the starter and the battery.


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