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The Composition And Function Of Generator Stator And Rotor

Jun. 25, 2022

The motor stator is a fixed part of the generator and one of the key components of the generator. The rotatable part is called the armature core, which is the motor rotor we are going to talk about today.


The stator is the stationary part of the motor or generator, consisting of the frame, the stator core, the coil winding, and other structural parts that fix these parts. The rotor is composed of rotor core, magnetic pole winding, collector ring, fan and rotating shaft.


For high-voltage, large-capacity generators, the rotating magnetic pole structure is used. Since the capacity and voltage of the excitation part are often much smaller than those of the armature, the armature is installed on the stator, and the main magnetic pole is installed on the rotor. The generator stator is mainly used to cut the magnetic field in the rotating magnetic field formed by the rotor to generate voltage and induce three-phase alternating current.


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The role of the rotor is to balance the inertial force of the disc rotor as a high-speed rotating motion requires static balance. The dynamic balance can balance the inertial force through the universal balancing machine and eliminate the vibration of the rotor on the elastic support. Simply put, the stator generates a magnetic field for the magnets, and the rotor generates current to generate electricity.


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