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The Brush of Cummins Diesel Generator has Poor Contact

Jun. 14, 2023

The electromagnetic switch contacts and brushes of Cummins diesel generator are in poor contact, the starter motor is short circuited, and the battery or storage battery is under charged. If the capacity is too small, check the switch contact of Cummins diesel generator, tighten the switch contact, polish the surface of Diesel generator commutator with sand or replace the brush to find the short circuit part. If necessary, replace the starting motor to charge the battery or increase the parallel use of the battery. If necessary, the Cummins diesel generator does not need starting force, and the brush and connector can replace the battery starting motor.

dongfeng cummins generator

Poor contact or desoldering, wear of bearing sleeve, partial short circuit of magnetic field winding or armature winding, burning of electromagnetic switch contact of Cummins diesel generator, poor contact, insufficient battery charge or too small capacity, excessive starting voltage drop TOR, clean the surface, re weld or replace, find out the short circuit parts, repair and check the switch contact, charge the battery with Cummins diesel generator sanding, and replace the battery if necessary. Increase the conductor section of Cummins diesel generator or shorten the conductor length, the starting motor gear and flywheel ring gear or the starting motor gear cannot be retracted, and the starting motor is not parallel to the center of flywheel ring.

Burn the electromagnetic switch contacts of Cummins diesel generator together and reinstall the starter to eliminate the non parallelism. For example, check the switch contacts, files and polishing of Cummins diesel generator, disconnect the start button, continue to run the starting motor, the start key or button is not reset, and the electromagnetic switch contacts and connecting screws are burned out. The relay of starting Cummins diesel generator was firmly burned out, and it was readjusted for maintenance. The Cummins diesel generator could not be charged, and the drive belt of Cummins diesel generator was not readjusted.

Loose charging circuit, grounding circuit, or poor contact of battery connectors, rotor conveyor belt failure, adjust to appropriate tension, check all wires and connectors, wipe clean, and tighten all connectors. The bearing of Cummins diesel generator is worn, and the rectification element of armature or rotor shaft shall be replaced in case of short circuit, and the transmission belt shall be replaced in case of short circuit. The transmission belt of diesel generator shall be adjusted to appropriate tension to align the transmission glue between the center of transmission belt and the center of pulley, so as to replace the diesel generator.

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