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The Benefits of a Clean Environment for Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 29, 2023

Do you know the benefits of maintaining a clean environment for diesel generator sets? For diesel generator sets, excessive impurities in the air can not only harm people's health, but also cause malfunction damage to the diesel generator set. Therefore, the quality and circulation of the air around the diesel generator set play an important role in the equipment. Today, we will introduce that if the diesel generator set is used indoors, we need to ensure that it has sufficient fresh air.

Deutz diesel generator

If the sealing of the computer room is too tight, it will lead to poor air circulation, which not only affects the diesel combustion rate of the diesel generator set, but also reduces the cooling effect of the diesel generator set. However, the air cooling cannot achieve it, and the heat generated by the diesel generator set cannot be discharged. The temperature inside the computer room will gradually increase, reaching the red warning value and causing faults. Therefore, in general, windows should not be installed in the computer room, and anti-theft nets should be used instead of glass, Moreover, the height of the window from the ground should not be too high, as this will also affect the fresh air that the diesel generator set "breathes".

Some diesel generator sets are used outdoors without considering the surrounding environment factors, and are only blindly used. Over time, it was discovered that the power of the diesel generator set gradually decreased. In fact, the decrease in power of the diesel generator set is caused by the intake of a large amount of dirty air or dust and floating sand by the diesel generator set. If the diesel generator set inhales impurities such as dirt, it will cause insulation damage between the stator and rotor gaps, and in severe cases, it will lead to the burning of the diesel generator set.

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