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The Adverse Effects Of Not Cleaning The Oil Cooler For A Long Time

May. 18, 2022

If the oil cooler is broken, it will cause serious consequences if it is not replaced in time. The function of the oil cooler is to cool the lubricating oil and keep the oil temperature within the normal working range. On a high-power reinforced engine, an oil cooler must be installed due to the large thermal load. When the engine is running, the lubricating capacity is reduced due to the thinning of the oil viscosity with increasing temperature. Therefore, some engines are equipped with oil coolers, whose function is to reduce the temperature of the oil and maintain a certain viscosity of the lubricating oil.


When the diesel engine under the following conditions is maintained, the oil cooler core must be cleaned vigorously:

①Diesel engine burns tile or holds shaft failure.


②Diesel engine cylinder or piston top ablation failure.


③ When the resistance of the oil cooler is too large (over 0.08 MPa).


diesel engine

To clean the oil cooler, you can use gasoline, kerosene or other special (such as carbon tetrachloride solution) cleaning agent. When cleaning, directly guide the cleaning agent into the oil cooler channel, block both ends, and then shake the oil cooler core up and down (or left and right). Observe the effect after releasing the cleaning agent. If the cleaning agent released is very dirty, you can wash it several times until you are satisfied.


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