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Technical Evaluation of Cummins Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 28, 2022

During the operation of Cummins diesel generator set, due to the continuous wear of the components of the set, the performance of the set will become worse and the failure rate will increase. Therefore, it is very important to evaluate the technical performance of Cummins diesel generator set regularly and timely for its normal operation. What aspects can Cummins diesel generator set be evaluated from? Jiangsu Starlight will take you to know.


1. Power capacity of diesel generator

The operating power of Cummins diesel generator set can be determined by analyzing and judging the wear degree of various parts of the diesel generator set, such as the wear of cylinders and piston rings, pistons, gears and bearings inside the diesel engine, compared with the power of the newly purchased diesel generator set.


2. Fuel consumption of diesel generator

The fuel consumption of Cummins diesel generator set can be reflected in the wear degree of the plunger in the high-pressure oil pump, the working quality of the fuel injector and the working condition of the working mechanism and valve train.

 Diesel generators

3. Oil consumption of diesel generator

The oil consumption of Cummins diesel generator set can reflect the wear of piston, cylinder and piston ring, as well as the performance of diesel engine.


4. Cylinder pressure

The inspection of cylinder pressure can reflect the wear degree of various components of the combustion chamber.


5. Oil pressure

In addition to abnormal conditions, such as blocked oil pumps of oil suction tray, oil pipe and coarse and fine filters, the wear degree of internal bearings of Cummins diesel generator set can also be judged according to the oil pressure.


6. Impurities in the engine oil

The wear degree of the diesel engine can be analyzed according to the amount of impurities in the engine oil.


Cummins diesel generator set will inevitably have various performance problems after being used for a period of time. Through the above technical evaluation, you can quickly know the condition of the set. In addition, Jiangsu Starlight reminds you that any diesel generator set should be maintained after being used for a period of time, and no matter what kind of maintenance is carried out, there should be certain plans and steps.


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