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Technical Characteristics of Yuchai Diesel Engine 6K Series T3

Nov. 29, 2023

The development model of Yuchai 6K series T3 diesel engine products brings together the latest advanced technology of AVL, the world's largest engine design company, and the richest development experience of Yuchai Co., Ltd., the largest diesel engine manufacturer in China, to establish its leading technical position and high adaptability. In addition, international brand suppliers synchronize engineering from the conceptual stage, develop machinery based on China's industrial level and usage characteristics, and integrate the most advanced technology in the world, which is most suitable for China's industrial foundation and usage conditions.

Yuchai diesel generator

AVL and YC team development advantages

1. AVL is the world's largest engine design company, led by the AVL complete design team that has just completed the development of Mercedes Benz DD13/15, integrating the world's most advanced technology.

2. YC Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. is the largest diesel engine manufacturer in China. Yuchai has accumulated development experience in 6 major platforms, 14 series, and nearly 1700 products; Years of experience in market application and problem solving for the largest number of products in China; Most familiar with China's manufacturing level and market usage conditions.

Synchronous engineering

1. Introducing a large number of top global suppliers for core components

2. In the early stages of conceptual design, core component suppliers participated in 6K development, and the part design was customized for 6K.

3. Synchronous design achieves perfect matching and maximizes component performance.

Mechanical development adapted to Chinese characteristics

1. Mechanical development mode: domestic testing, and joint evaluation by foreign and domestic teams based on European and American standards.

2. Extreme Life Development: Highlighting the improvement of extreme life, conducting 5000 hour cycle tests on a single machine, with a total time of over 50000 hours for mechanical development under various conditions.

3. Reliability Growth Technology: Pioneering the Introduction of Reliability Growth Technology Applied to Aircraft Engines

4. Quality development: Based on the domestic material and manufacturing level, establish a special project for component quality and assembly consistency, and significantly improve the quality of components and assemblies.

5. Adaptation development: Conduct over 2 million kilometers of vehicle testing targeting domestic usage environments, road conditions, and user habits.

It is precisely because of these three technological advancements that Yuchai diesel 6K series T3 products have superior performance and gained market favor. In the future, the 6K series T3 products of Yuchai diesel engines will become increasingly outstanding with the continuous innovation and research and development of an excellent team, as well as the support of the market.

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