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Structure of Fuel Pump for Compact Housing of Generator Set

Dec. 23, 2022

Structure of the compact housing fuel pump of the generator set Sectional view of the compact housing fuel pump structure. It consists of camshaft, cam, roller tappet, plunger, plunger spring, accelerator gear rod, sector gear sleeve, pump body and other parts. The working process of the compact case oil pump.

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Working principle of fuel injection pump for compact housing of generator set:

1. Fuel injection principle: when the diesel engine of the generator set works, it drives the camshaft to rotate, the cam drives the roller tappet to move upward, and the roller tappet drives the pump oil plunger to move upward. When the plunger is at the bottom dead center, the fuel transfer pump delivers fuel to the oil chamber of the oil pump at a low speed, and the fuel flows into the space above the plunger from the oil chamber and is fully filled with it. As the camshaft forces the plunger to move up again, the oil inlet hole is gradually covered and the oil inlet hole is closed. At this time, fuel injection begins. If the plunger continues to move upward, it will continue to inject fuel until the lower edge of the spiral chute returns to the oil hole, and then the injection will stop. At this time, even if the plunger continues to rise, it will not inject fuel until the full lift of the cam is completed before returning to the bottom dead center.

It can be seen from this that the plunger of the fuel pump of the generator set moves upward. During the period from the start of fuel injection to the end of fuel injection, the fuel pump develops high pressure and opens the fuel injection nozzle to inject fuel into the cylinder.

2. Oil volume control principle: since the bottom of the plunger of each oil pump of the generator set is equipped with a sector gear sleeve, and the throttle gear rod engages with all sector gear sleeves, the throttle gear rod can be moved for synchronous adjustment. When the throttle gear rod moves, the plunger of each oil pump rotates to align the different areas of the spiral chute with the oil inlet hole and the oil return hole. The throttle gear rod is connected to the governor. The governor rotates the pump oil plunger to different positions according to the speed and load of the diesel engine.

(1) Fuel cut-off position. In this position, the straight groove on the plunger is aligned with the oil inlet hole. When the camshaft pushes the plunger upward, although the upper part of the plunger is full of fuel from the fuel delivery pump, because the oil hole is open, the injection pressure cannot be established. Even if the plunger moves up and down according to the full lift of the cam, the injection will not occur.

(2) Quick position. Move the control lever on the governor, and the plunger will turn to the operating position. When the oil hole is closed, fuel will only be injected briefly until the oil return hole is opened at the lower edge of the spiral chute. This will provide sufficient fuel for low speed and high speed empty vehicles.

(3) Full load position. When the diesel engine of the generator set needs more fuel, the governor will turn the plunger to the full fuel position, and the fuel injection will last for a long time to increase the fuel supply. This position is designed for the rated fuel supply.

(4) Variable speed variable load position. When the plunger is not at the above speed and load, the governor will place the plunger at a position between rapid fuel supply and full fuel supply, and use the fuel pedal to control this position. Similarly, when the diesel engine is started, the plunger also rotates in phase, so that the oil inlet hole is aligned with the longest part of the spiral groove, so that the fuel injection can last for the longest time and provide more fuel for starting.

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