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Strategies for Improving Engine Pollution of Diesel Generator Sets

May. 24, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the strategy of improving the pollution of diesel generator sets.


The diesel engine of the diesel generator set is a device that uses fuel to generate mechanical energy instead of manual labor. Therefore, the method of improving the pollutants produced can be improved from the oil, so that the exhaust smoke in the combustion process does not produce pollution, or other pollution-free methods. fuel to convert mechanical energy. The latest information, the general engine fuel research and development of fuels that are not commonly listed include water for combustion and solar energy conversion into mechanical energy. The ones that have been successfully commercialized include wind power as a generator power engine and electric battery as a power engine, only because they are limited to A certain type of power source is used, so it is not yet convenient to apply. Large-capacity engines have developed nuclear fusion power materials that are close to success.

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We all know that nuclear power generation will cause great social danger to human beings due to the separation. However, at present, the nuclear fusion technology developed by Germany and other five countries is close to success. The thermal kinetic energy that can be generated by the molten nuclear energy is greater than that of the nuclear separation. It is believed that this scientific field will be the most effective and economical environmental protection power technology invention in the world in the future. Before the perfect technology and environmental protection products are born and generally circulated, we can also put forward an effective report on the actual technology of the existing diesel engine smoke exhaust.

Due to the emission regulations and implementation of smoke and air pollution in various countries, diesel engines are based on the improvement of refined fuel and the improvement of the fuel injection combustion system of the engine. Fuel system, the most advanced fuel injection system now includes microcomputer fuel injection system and full computer fuel injection system. The microcomputer fuel injection system still emits black smoke for a short period of time when the engine starts, but it will not be discharged after about 3 seconds. After several tests of toxic gas, CO has been within Taiwan's environmental protection regulations, but HC and NOx are still not up to the regulatory standards. Recently, I saw that Italian IVECO has recently completed several engine types, and tested them with black smoke and no load at the moment of starting. When fully loaded, you can't even see any smoke, but the emission of toxic gases has not been tested. From the above information, it can be proved that in today's rising awareness of environmental protection, the whole world is working hard to improve pollution emissions from diesel engines.

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