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Start Methods of Volvo Generator at Low Temperature

May. 18, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the specific methods of low temperature starting of Volvo generators for you.

Hot water preheating method: This method is suitable for units that use softened hot water as the cooling liquid, and softened hot water is more convenient. The specific method is: first add 40-50° warm water to the cooling system (to prevent the water radiator core tube and the cylinder head from bursting due to the sudden increase of boiling water), and then continuously heat the water (let the water flow out of the cylinder block), and gradually increase Preheat the water temperature. When the temperature of the outflowing water is high, turn off the water release switch.

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Steam preheating method: Let the steam enter the cooling system from the down pipe of the water radiator through the pipe, or directly enter the cooling water jacket of the Volvo generator, and use the steam to preheat the cylinder block of the Volvo generator. This method is suitable when demineralized water is used as the coolant.

Disposal of forced circulation fuel heater: This method is to use random diesel oil to pump out the coolant in the Volvo generator cooling system through the water pump attached to the fuel heater, and then circulate it into the Volvo generator cylinder after the heater is radiated and heated. At this time, the temperature of the cylinder, piston, piston ring and other friction pairs increases accordingly. In this way, the temperature of the Volvo generator cylinder block can be heated to about 40-50°C. The oil viscosity of Volvo generators is reduced after heating, and the lubrication conditions of Volvo generators are improved.


Install the spiral resistance heater in the intake pipe: This device is powered by the battery. Before starting, the power supply is turned on for 10-30S to make the spiral resistor heat up to heat the air entering the cylinder and improve the Volvo generator in the cylinder when the compression ends. gas temperature.

Rinse the intake manifold with hot water: After scalding the intake manifold with hot water, the air entering the cylinder is preheated to increase the temperature of the compressed air at the end of compression, which is conducive to the combustion of diesel fuel.

Install a screw-type resistor in the oil pan: This resistor can heat the oil in the oil pan, reduce the viscosity of the oil, and reduce the starting resistance. When applying this method, the heating time should be controlled to avoid the aging and deterioration of the oil due to the excessive heating time and the high temperature of the oil.

Start with a flame preheating device: The flame preheating device consists of an electronic controller, a solenoid valve, a temperature sensor, a flame glow plug (installed in the intake pipe), a fuel pipe and a wire. The minimum working temperature of the device is -40°, and its working process is: turn on the flame glow plug before starting, and after more than ten seconds, the flame glow plug is heated to 900°C (this temperature is enough to ignite diesel) Start the machine, the solenoid valve automatically opens the oil circuit, the fuel pump pumps out diesel oil, and supplies fuel to the flame glow plug through the fuel pipe through the solenoid valve to start the flame preheating.

Use low temperature starting fluid to assist starting: This method is to inject a certain proportion of low temperature starting fluid into the intake manifold of the Volvo generator before starting. The flash point of ether in the low temperature starting fluid is low, and the flash point of ether under the pressure of 3.25MPa is only about 57°C, so the Volvo generator can be ignited and started without reaching the minimum starting speed requirement. Practice has proved that the use of low temperature starting fluid can ensure that Volvo generators can start quickly when the temperature is -45°C.

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