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Stability Problems and Solutions of Cummins Generators

Jul. 28, 2022

Today we will briefly introduce the stability problems and solutions of Cummins generators.

There are problems with the stability of Cummins generators: The stability of Cummins generators is not good for many reasons. The most common one is that when the load fluctuates greatly, it will immediately lead to a mismatch between the output torque of the diesel engine and the electromagnetic torque of the generator. and unbalanced state, resulting in fluctuations in the speed of the diesel engine, and finally causing jitter in voltage and frequency. Another common phenomenon is that due to the smaller capacity of the Cummins generator compared with the grid power supply system, if the power of the reactive load and the work done by the components is absorbed from the generator during the process of establishing the magnetic field during the operation A large amount of useless power, resulting in a substantial drop in the power factor and reducing the power quality.

cummins genset

Cummins generator stability solution: The guarantee of the stability of the Cummins generator is that the speed of the diesel engine needs to be stabilized when the load is constantly changing, which requires the speed of the diesel engine to be adjusted. The effective adjustment of the speed can ensure that the diesel engine can adjust the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump by changing the speed to ensure the stability of the speed even if the external load fluctuates or changes greatly during operation. Therefore, the optimal solution for the stability of Cummins generators is a governor with excellent performance. When the diesel engine is running at high speed, the governor can effectively avoid the "flying" phenomenon, and it can run very stably during the idling process. Even when the speed of the engine is at a certain value between idle speed and high speed, the governor can limit its speed to be very stable, and its fluctuation is small, so it tends to be stable.

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