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Solutions to The Oil Pump of The Diesel Generator Set Failure

Nov. 12, 2021

Do you know any way to solve the failure of the fuel transfer pump of the diesel generator set? Regarding the solution to the failure of the fuel transfer pump, first the fuel injection pump works for a period of time. We can make a rough idea of the wear of the plunger and the working condition of the fuel pump by checking the sealing condition of the fuel delivery valve. Judgment, so as to help determine repair and maintenance methods. During inspection, unscrew the high-pressure oil pipe joints of each cylinder and use the hand of the oil pump to pump oil. If oil is found to flow out from the oil pipe joints on the top of the fuel injection pump, it means that the oil outlet valve is not well sealed. The fuel injection pump should be thoroughly debugged and maintained, and the mating parts should be replaced.

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If you find that it is difficult to start the diesel generator set, the power drops, and the fuel consumption increases, and the fuel injection pump and the fuel injector still do not improve, you should disassemble and inspect the fuel injection pump plunger and delivery valve assembly, such as the plunger and the fuel delivery valve. If it is worn to a certain degree, it should be replaced in time, and do not insist on reuse. The loss of the diesel generator set due to the wear and tear of the diesel generator set, such as the difficulty of starting, the increase in fuel consumption, and the lack of power, far exceed the cost of replacing the coupling. After the replacement, the power and economy of the diesel generator set will be significantly improved. Replace worn parts in time. In fact, in general, diesel generator sets have much higher requirements for diesel filtration than gasoline engines. When in use, you must choose diesel that meets the required grades and have at least 48 hours of precipitation.

Strengthen the cleaning and maintenance of the diesel filter, clean or replace the filter element in time; clean the diesel tank in time according to the operating environmental conditions, thoroughly remove the sludge and moisture at the bottom of the fuel tank, and any impurities in the diesel will affect the plunger and oil of the fuel injection pump The valve assembly and transmission parts cause severe corrosion or wear. When using the diesel generator set oil pump, you must pay attention to the related switches must be closed tightly. The more typical ones are the oil inlet and outlet valves and the hand oil pump. When the oil inlet and outlet valves are not closed tightly, it is easy to cause exhaust problems. When the fuel injection pump is not closed tightly, insufficient fuel supply will easily occur. This gas and fuel will affect the operation of the diesel generator set.

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