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Solution to High Voltage of Volvo Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 23, 2023

Volvo diesel generator sets are a type of energy that is very frequently used in China, and some regions abroad have always been used as the main energy source for power generation. In most construction projects in South Africa, Volvo diesel generator sets are used as the main energy source for power generation. A high-quality Volvo diesel generator set can bring stable output electricity.

volvo diesel generator

Volvo diesel generator sets often encounter voltage instability during long-term use. This situation is relatively common, which is caused by poor contact of some components and other problems during use. Below, Dingbo Power Generation Equipment mainly explains how to solve the problem of high voltage in Volvo diesel generator sets during operation.

Generally speaking, the reasons for high voltage mainly include four aspects.

1. The speed is too high. Faced with the problem of high speed, the operator only needs to reduce the opening of the turbine's guide vanes.

2. The iron core gap of the shunt reactor is too large. This problem is also relatively simple to handle, and the operator only needs to adjust the thickness of the iron core gasket.

3. The magnetic field rheostat is short circuited. When the voltage is too high due to a short circuit in the magnetic field rheostat, there may be a problem of voltage regulation failure simultaneously. The operator only needs to eliminate the short circuit point directly.

4. Flying is a common problem. When a speeding problem occurs during the use of a Volvo diesel generator set, the operator needs to urgently shut down and then handle the accident.

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