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Solution of The Supercharger Failure on Silent Generator Set

Oct. 21, 2021

During the operation of the silent generator set, the turbocharger rotor set rotates at a very high speed. If the pressure and quality of the lubricating oil do not meet the requirements specified in the technical manual, it will cause malfunctions after long-term use. Common bearing burnout, blade breakage, supercharging pressure drop, supercharging pressure too high, compressor surge, etc. are common in the turbocharger of silent generator set.

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1. Blade breakage or operation is mainly caused by foreign matter. Because the blades of the silent generator set are exposed to high-temperature gas and rotate at a high speed, if there is a small hard object, it will have a big impact, which will cause the blades to bend or crack.

2. Bearing burnout is generally caused by too low lubricating oil pressure, too little lubricating oil, or too much impurities in the lubricating oil. If the lubricating oil of the turbocharger is not clean during use, and the oil is mixed with impurities such as metal, it is easy to cause the bearing to burn.

3. Excessive boost pressure is often accompanied by supercharger overspeed. The reasons for this failure include: poor fuel supply system work, fatal poor combustion of individual cylinders; exhaust valve leakage, which makes the exhaust temperature too high; turbocharger nozzle ring is blocked by carbon deposits, resulting in reduced circulation area, The gas ejection speed is too fast, which speeds up the rotation of the rotor.

4. When the supercharger of the super quiet generator set is running at a certain stable speed, the amount of air delivered to the interior of the combustion chamber is insufficient, and the delivered air pressure fluctuates greatly, and at the same time, there is a wheezing sound at the compressor. This phenomenon is called "surging." The factors that cause this failure include: blockage of the airflow channel; deformation or looseness of the diffuser of the turbocharger or the blades of the nozzle ring, resulting in a change in the shape of the airflow channel, making the turbocharger and diesel engine unable to match; improper operation Wait.

5. The boost pressure drop means that the value of the boost pressure becomes relatively small under the same conditions as the load carried by the quiet generator set. The decrease in the speed of the supercharger and the decrease in the boost pressure are mainly due to the failure of the exhaust gas turbine or the mechanical part. This failure may be due to the deformation of the nozzle ring blades due to high temperature, which increases the flow area of the nozzle; or there is air leakage at the exhaust pipe joints, which reduces the exhaust gas energy that can be used in the turbine.

The mechanical factor is that the supercharger of the silent generator set has not been maintained for a long time, and excessive carbon deposits on the impeller inside the turbine shell increase the rotation resistance of the rotor set. If the boost pressure is reduced and the speed of the turbocharger does not change significantly, the fault generally lies in the compressor. For example, the filter element of the air cleaner is too dirty, and the airflow channel inside the compressor is contaminated by dust and grease, resulting in a decrease in the efficiency of the luck machine.

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