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Common problems of small and medium generators

Jul. 01, 2021

Many remote area customers who purchase Starlight diesel generators reported that if they encounter problems during the use of some small and medium-sized generators, Starlight will not be able to give a timely response due to their own reasons. Now Starlight will give some suggestions and summary common problems in the use of small and medium-sized generators are solved, which is convenient for customers to conduct self-overhaul.

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1.If the generator is not used for a long time (more than 3 months), keep it according to the following steps.

A. Drain the gasoline in the tank and carburetor

B. Drain the oil in the crankcase

C. Add new oil to the upper limit of the oil level on the oil dipstick

D. Close the choke door and pull the starter handle to the place where resistance is felt

E. Wipe the unit clean and cover it with a carton or plastic cover to prevent dust


2. Why does the generator stop automatically when the oil is insufficient?

When the oil is insufficient, the oil warning switch inside the engine grounds the primary coil of the ignition coil, so that the ignition coil cannot ignite and the engine stops. Check whether the oil level is standard: Put the engine in a horizontal position, unscrew the oil dipstick, clean and dry, and then insert the oil inlet (no need to rotate), then pull it out and check that the oil level is above the middle of the dipstick.


3.Why is the output power of generators reduced in high altitude areas?

At high altitudes, the atmosphere is thin. The mixed fuel provided by the main nozzle of the carburetor to the engine cannot be fully burned due to the relatively thin air. At this time, the engine speed may be unstable and the muffler emits black smoke. The engine must run smoothly by changing the correct main nozzle. The output power of the engine decreases as the altitude increases, and the output power of the generator set also decreases. For every 1,000 meters of altitude increase, the power decreases by 10%. If the correct main nozzle is not replaced, the power loss of the engine will be much greater than this standard, and the working condition will be unstable. The main nozzle of the standard model can only be used below 1500 meters above sea level.


4.Why should the damper be closed for cold engine start and open for hot engine?

Because the engine is started and closed when the engine is cold, the air entering the carburetor is reduced, and the concentration of the mixed gas is increased. This makes the engine easier to start. If the chiller opens the damper at this time, the mixed gas is likely to be adsorbed on the wall of the intake passage, causing poor atomization and not easy to start.

Because the damper must be opened when the engine is in the warm state, so that the proportion of the mixed gas entering the combustion chamber reaches a normal level, and it can be started easily. When the air door is closed, the air entering the carburetor is reduced, and the concentration of the mixed gas is greatly increased, which makes it difficult to start.


5.When the automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is damaged and needs to be replaced, what must be done?

The generator set does not generate electricity. The most common fault is the damage of the automatic voltage regulator. Therefore, when someone finds that the generator set does not generate electricity, they often use a new AVR to replace the old AVR. When the user did this, he found that the new AVR was useless after a few minutes of use, and then complained about the poor quality of the AVR. In fact, AVR damage is often caused by the user overloading the generator set, causing the rotor to short circuit, resulting in damage to the AVR. Therefore, before replacing the AVR, you must first check whether the resistance of the rotor is normal (for example, the resistance of the EC2500CX is 45-50 ohms). If the electrical group of the rotor is abnormal, replace the rotor first and then replace the AVR.


6.How to check and clean the spark plug?

The inspection and treatment of generator spark plugs are divided into three steps:

Step 1: Check the carbon deposit of the spark plug, if there is carbon deposit, use a copper brush to clean it.

Step 2: Check the gap of the spark plug. The standard gap is 0.7-0.8MM, about three business cards thick. If the gap is not right, the adjustment is possible.

Step 3: Check the ignition performance of the spark plug. The strong blue spark is better.


Starlight Power was founded in 1974 and is one of the earliest manufacturers of generators and diesel generator sets in China. If you want get more information, please feel free to send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com we will pay highly attention on your question.

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