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Six Cylinder In-line Diesel Electric Starting System of Generator Set

Dec. 23, 2022

The 135 series diesel electromechanical starting control system adopted by the generator set is usually composed of lead acid starting battery, starting generator, charging generator, charging generator regulator, detection instrument and other components. When using, the reader should follow the manufacturer's instructions.

generator supply

Starting circuit of six cylinder in-line diesel engine of generator set. The power supply voltage of this circuit is 24V, and the single wire system negative grounding is adopted. When the unit needs to start power generation, close the circuit key switch JK, press the start button KC, start the electromagnetic switch coil to power on, close its moving contact, and start the DC motor to power on, Its current flows from the "+" pole of battery B 1 to the stator winding and rotor winding of starting DC motor and the "-" pole of battery B2 (grounding) Form a loop. When the starting electromagnetic switch is pulled in, the gear of the starting motor is pushed out to engage with the starting gear ring on the flywheel of the diesel engine, which drives the crankshaft of the diesel engine to rotate, enabling the diesel engine to start. At the same time, the coil of the cut-off relay of the charging generator regulator p is energized, its contacts are grouped, and the excitation circuit of the silicon rectifier charging generator L is connected, so that the charging generator can establish voltage. After the diesel engine is started, release the start button KC to cut off the circuit of the starting motor. At this time, the starting gear automatically exits and is separated from the flywheel ring gear.

After the diesel engine is started, the silicon rectifier generator has built up the voltage, and the coil of the cut-off relay W2 has the current to pass through, which remains in the pull in state, and its contact is still closed. The current output by the silicon rectifier generator starts to charge the battery through the ammeter.

Whether the silicon rectifier generator connects or disconnects the battery charging circuit and the charging current are automatically controlled by the voltage regulator. When the voltage of the silicon rectifier charging generator is greater than the specified value of 28V, the electromagnetic attraction generated by the energization of the voltage regulator is greater than the tension of the spring, which disconnects the lower contact of the electromagnetic vibration type double contact, making the additional resistors R1 and R3 connected to the excitation circuit, reducing the excitation current and the generator output voltage. When the silicon rectifier generator is in light load or high speed operation, and its output voltage exceeds the specified value, the current of W3 coil of voltage regulator increases, and the suction increases, so that the upper contact is closed, and the excitation winding is shorted, so that the generator output voltage decreases rapidly, the current decreases sharply, and the suction of the coil of voltage regulator decreases. When the suction force is less than the spring tension, the upper contact reopens and the lower contact closes, shorting the additional resistors R1 and R3, and the excitation current increases again, which increases the output voltage. In this way, the contact is adjusted with a certain frequency and periodic vibration repeatedly to control the output voltage within the specified range.

When the diesel engine of the generator set is shut down, the cut-off relay loses power and releases, and the contact is disconnected to prevent the battery from flowing back to the charging generator.

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