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Simple Ways to Deal with Diesel Generator Failure

Sep. 02, 2018

Most of time, diesel generator runs abnormally because of battery long time no maintenance or the deviation between components . In reality, it can be back to normal as long as you make a little adjustment. Therefore, we should have the ability to deal with the faults. For the failure of diesel generator, first you should have a adjustment and check whether it is helpful. Then what problems should we pay attention to when making a adjustment?

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Regulator adjustment: If the faults like charging ammeter pointer stops movement, charging ammeter is too large or small occur during the process of using diesel generator, it needs a regulator to adjust. If battery charging current is too large, it will shorten the service life. If it is too small, it can't give battery charged on time. If the charging ammeter shows the charging current is too large when diesel generator works, you should adjust the current limiting spring of regulator to shorten the spring. The current should be reduced. Or vice versa. In the process of adjusting, not too hard, light touching until it meets the requirements.

Oil pressure adjustment: In general, diesel generator has two lubrication methods. One is pressure lubrication, the other is splash lubrication. Diesel generator lubrication quality is closely connected with oil pressure. Therefore, when the diesel generator is at work, the oil pressure must be controlled within the valid range.

Diesel generator decompression adjustment: In the process of using diesel generator in winter, it is hard to start because of the cold weather or battery shortage. To make the diesel generator set gets started, you can depend on the diesel generator inlet valve decompression way to reduce the compression radio and improve the starting resistance.

Fan belt adjustment: The tightness of the diesel generator fan belt should be just right. If the belt is too tight, it will exacerbate the wear to the direct generator bearings, water pump bearings and fan bearings. If it is too loose, it will cause insufficient fan air volume, influence the cooling effect of the cooling water, reduce the water pump flow, which can't reach the usage requirement. So the fan belt should be regulated according to the usage requirements.

The above processing methods to deal with generator failures are shared by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd, a professional manufacturer of diesel generator. Hope it can help you. 

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