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Sharing Of Different Air Inlet And Exhaust Modes In Container Power Stations

Mar. 10, 2023

Container power station (diesel generator set) is a kind of standby power station commonly used on the wharf. It can be easily lifted by tyre crane, and can also be transferred and transported by trailer. Today, the editor of Jiangsu Starlight Power will share with you the air inlet and exhaust mode of the container power station (diesel generator set). The ventilation and noise reduction system of container power station (diesel generator set) usually consists of air inlet shutter, air inlet noise reduction box, air exhaust shutter and air exhaust noise reduction box. According to the layout of air inlet and exhaust, it can be divided into end inlet and end exhaust, side inlet and end exhaust, end inlet and upper exhaust, side inlet and upper exhaust, side plus end inlet and upper exhaust, etc.


The end air inlet mode is only applicable to the container design of non-independent tank partition. If the container uses independent tank partition, the side air inlet mode is mostly used. The area of the end air inlet is usually limited by the container section because it is arranged at the end of the container. The side air inlet is arranged at the side of the container, and the restriction is smaller than the end air inlet, and its air inlet area is usually larger than the end air inlet. Because the air inlet is arranged on the side and end face of the container, the air inlet area of this form is also larger than that of other types.


generating set

In addition, due to the high exhaust temperature of the unit cooling water tank, considering the layout of the container and the impact on the surrounding environment and flow field, the container sometimes uses the form of upper exhaust to guide the hot air discharged from the cooling water tank upward. The size of the end-row container can reach 13 meters in length, and the length of the upper row container is usually at least 14.5 meters because of the added structure of upward wind guide.


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