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Several Types of Diesel Generator Sets Start

Nov. 10, 2021

Do you know that there are several types of diesel generator sets? In recent years, the development of domestic diesel generator sets has made great progress, and its start-up types have also undergone new developments, from the basic type of boats to the subsequent automatic start , And now the microcomputer automatically controls diesel generator sets, and the performance of the equipment is constantly improving. Below we will introduce these types of start-ups one by one. The basic type is the most basic type. It is composed of diesel engine, enclosed water tank, fuel tank, muffler, synchronous alternator, control box, etc. The feature of this type of equipment is that it has the function of automatic adjustment of voltage and speed. Used as a main power supply or a backup power supply.

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The automatic start type is a model with an automatic control system added to the basic equipment, and has an automatic start function. The addition of this function will further improve its performance. When there is a sudden power failure in the mains, the auto-start unit can automatically start, switch, run, transmit, and stop automatically. Not only that, the self-starting diesel generator set can automatically send out an audible and visual warning signal when the oil pressure is too low or the oil temperature is too high. When the diesel generator set exceeds the speed, it can automatically stop emergency to protect the diesel generator set equipment.

The third type is the more advanced microcomputer-based automatic control diesel generator set equipment. First of all, it is more advanced in terms of equipment. It consists of a diesel engine, a three-phase brushless synchronous generator, an automatic fuel supply device, an automatic oil supply device, and cooling water. It is composed of automatic replenishment device and automatic control cabinet. Its advanced point is that the control system is controlled by a programmable controller, with functions such as self-starting, self-switching, self-operation, self-input, and self-shutdown. At the same time, it is equipped with various fault alarms and automatic protection devices, which can realize unmanned On-duty work is directly controlled by a computer, which is relatively advanced compared to the above two types of equipment.

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