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Several Situations of Diesel Generator Needing Overhaul

Jul. 22, 2023

Overhaul of diesel generator depends on different models and service conditions, and is directly related to manufacturing quality, maintenance and use. The general overhaul period can be carried out according to the factory regulations. The management personnel can judge whether to overhaul the diesel generator according to the actual working conditions of the diesel engine. The diesel generator shall be overhauled in case of the following conditions.

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1. Poor starting performance: the diesel generator diesel engine is difficult to start, the cylinder sealing performance drops, and the air leakage is serious.

2. Insufficient power: the power performance of the diesel generator diesel engine is significantly reduced, and the operation is weak. After adjustment, there is still no improvement. When the fuel adjustment lever is at its maximum position, the maximum power is less than 80% of the rated power;

3. Serious loss of fuel and engine oil: diesel generator diesel engine emits black smoke under common working conditions, and fuel consumption and engine oil consumption increase significantly. When the diesel engine is well sealed and free from oil dripping, the oil consumption exceeds the specified limit by more than one time;

4. Abnormal sound and increased vibration during operation: during the operation of the diesel generator diesel engine, abnormal sounds such as serious piston knocking sound, metal knocking sound in the crankcase, etc. are heard, and the vibration of the diesel engine is increased.

5. The cylinder liner is severely worn, and its roundness or cylindricity reaches or exceeds the limit of use.

6. The cylinder pressure significantly decreases, below 75% of the rated pressure, and there is an abnormal sound inside the cylinder, which does not disappear after the machine heats up;

7. The temperature in the crankcase rises significantly, the air vent and oil filler of the diesel generator emit mist smoke, and the exhaust gas contains oil;

8. Other situations that require major repairs.

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