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Selection of Radiator Fan for Diesel Generator Set

Dec. 21, 2023

In the entire body of a diesel generator set, the heat dissipation box is very important for ensuring the operation of the set. Improper use can cause damage to the generator, and in severe cases, it can lead to scrapping. Therefore, during the operation of the generator set, it is strictly prohibited for users to tidy up the radiator or remove pipes before cooling, and they should not operate the radiator or open the fan protective cover while the fan is rotating.

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The diesel generator set requires water to cool the engine during operation. There is a large fan in front of the engine to blow air to the radiator of the water tank. If the indoor door is closed and the windows are closed, the air cannot form good circulation, which affects heat dissipation. The air guide cover helps to blow air and dissipate heat for the unit. The selection method for the radiator fan and air guide cover of the generator set is as follows:

Fan selection

1. Suction and exhaust fans: For equipment with high walking speed, when the engine is installed at the front end of the equipment, selecting an suction fan can effectively utilize the frontal wind to enhance the cooling effect; When the engine is installed at the rear end, an exhaust fan is generally chosen.

For devices with low walking speed, either suction fans or exhaust fans can be selected. Generally speaking, due to the use of cooler air to cool the water tank, the efficiency of the suction fan is significantly higher than that of the exhaust fan.

2. Fan speed and diameter: Under the same power consumption, the cooling effect and noise of low-speed and large fans are significantly better than those of high-speed and small fans. In addition, when selecting a fan, it is important to note that the blade tip linear speed of the fan should not exceed 4200~5000m/min.

3. The distance from the fan to the radiator core: suction greater than 2 inches, exhaust greater than 4 inches.

4. The distance from the fan to the diesel engine: When the fan support bending moment (7NM) permits, it should be as far as possible, but the thickness of the fan pad generally does not exceed 3 inches.

5. When installing the fan, it is prohibited to use elastic loosening washers to prevent damage to the fan flange due to concentrated stress.

Selection of air guide hood

1. There are three types of commonly used wind deflectors: box type, ring type, and throat type, as shown in the following figure.

2. The air guide hood and radiator must be sealed.

3. The gap between the fan blade tip and the air guide cover is generally 1.5-2.5% of the fan diameter.

4. The position of the fan in the air guide hood is: suction, 2/3 inside, exhaust, and 1/3 inside.

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