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Safety Precautions of Perkins 4006/4008 Series Engines

Oct. 15, 2019

For safe and reliable operation of the engine it is essential that the recommended procedures as outlined in the manual are adhered to, and where necessary the special tools are used. Improper operation or maintenance procedures are dangerous and could result in injury or death. In this article, you will learn the related information about Perkins generator 4006/4008 Series engine safety precautions.

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The operator should check before operation that all the basic safety precautions have been carried out to avoid an accident occurring.

Read and understand all safety precautions and warnings before operating or servicing the engine.

The safety precautions that must be adhered to when operating the engine or carrying out service work are listed below under separate headings together with the relative symbols:


Ensure guards are fitted

a. Over exposed rotating parts

b. Over exposed hot surfaces

c. Over exposed air intakes

d. Over exposed belts

e. Over live electrical terminals, high and low tension

No smoking or naked flame

a. When checking battery electrolyte

b. When working in engine room

c. When operating or serving engine

Fuel/Oil pipes

a. Check for leaks

b. Check for split oi (Clean up)

c. Always use barrier cream on hands

Gas/air Pipes

a. Check for gas/air mixture leaks

b. Never run gas engine with failed pressure disc

c. That gas line and valves meet local safety standards

d. That the   gas line pressure is correct

Shutdown Equipment

For stopping engine in case of over speed, high water temperature or low oil pressure should be provided

for heat sensors, methane and smoke detectors should be provided (If applicable)

test that protection system is working correctly

Always be in a position  to stop engine (even remotely)

Start up

disconnect battery or any other means in case of accidental start up when working on engine 

never start engine with governor linkage disconnected 

do not hold stop lever in run position when starting engine

always hold stop lever in stop position when cranking only.

Electrical equipment

check that electrics are earthed to local safety standards

disconnect electrical supply to water jacket heater (if fitted) before working on engine

take care against electric shocks

Never re-adjust settings of electronic equipment without reference to Operation Manual

Freezing or heating component

Always wear heat resistant gloves and use correct handing equipment

Exhaust system

check for leaks

check for correct ventilation of engine room 

check that guards are fitted

check that diesel exhaust is clear

check that pipework allows gas to escape upwards

check that pipework is supported

Stop the engine

before changing lubrication oil

before filling radiator or topping up with anti-freeze

before repairing engine

before adjusting belts

before adjusting tappets

before changing spark plugs/injectors

before tightening fixing bolts etc

Flammable fluids


never store near engine

never use near naked light


do not wear loose clothing, ties, jewellery etc

always wear steel toe cap shoes

always wear head, eye and ear protection

always wear overalls

always replace   spillage contaminated overall immediately

Lifting heavy components

use correct lifting equipment

do not work alone

always wear helmet

Viton 'O' rings

always wear both hand and eye protection when handling 'O' rings which have been exposed to very high temperatures (eg. a fire)

De-scaling solution


always wear both hand and eye protection whilst handing

always wear overalls and proper footwear

Handling/cutting gaskets and joints containing asbestos

always wear respiratory protection

always provide dust extract system

always dispose of waste in accordance with local/legislative requirement

Waste disposal

do not leave oily rags on or near the engine

do not leave loose items on or near the engine

provide fireproof container for oily rags

Most accidents are cause by failure to observe basic precautions, and can be avoided by recognising potentially dangerous situation before an accident occurs.

Stop and isolate the engine, and ensure it cannot be restarted whilst servicing the engine.

Improper operation of the engine is dangerous and could result in injury or death.

Warnings are outlined in the operation manual and on the engine and are identified by the following symbol.

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Perkins 4006 Series genset 4006-23TAG2A diesel engine basic technical data is given below:

Prime power


Standby power




Cylinder arrangement

In line


Turbocharged, air-to-air intercooled

Cooling system


Bore and stroke

160 * 190mm


22.921 L

Lubrication system total capacity

113.4 L

Cooling system capacity

105 L

Fuel System (l/hr)

100% = 173 Standby power

100% = 157 Prime power

100% = 127 Continuous power

75% = 121

50% = 83

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