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Safety Precautions for Fault Detection of Fuel Pump in Generator Set

Apr. 25, 2023

The fuel pump of the generator set operates while running and the generator set engine is running. If the generator set engine stops and the ignition switch is still on, the HFM-SFI control module turns off the power supply to the fuel pump of the generator set to avoid accidental ignition. The fuel pump of the generator set sucks fuel out of the fuel tank, pressurizes it, and delivers it to the fuel supply pipe, which, in conjunction with the fuel pressure regulator, establishes a certain fuel pressure.

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1. Old fuel pump

When troubleshooting fuel pumps in vehicles that have been used for a long time, these types of fuel pumps cannot be tested dry. Because after removing the fuel pump of the generator set, there is still fuel left in the pump casing. Therefore, during the power-on test, if the brush and commutator have poor contact, sparks will ignite the fuel inside the pump casing, causing an explosion, and the consequences are very serious.

2. New fuel pump

Dry testing is also not allowed for the fuel pump of the newly replaced generator set. Because the oil pump motor is sealed inside the pump casing, the heat generated by electrification during dry testing cannot be dissipated. Once the armature overheats, it will burn out the motor. Therefore, it is necessary to immerse the fuel pump of the generator set in fuel for testing.

3. Other aspects

After the fuel pump of the generator set leaves the fuel tank, the oil pump should be wiped clean in a timely manner, and sparks should be avoided when placed nearby. The safety principle of "wiring first, then power on" should be followed.

The application of generator sets is extremely widespread, and their scope of application in industries such as hospitals, hotels, hotels, and real estate is also growing day by day, playing an irreplaceable role in the national economy. The above is the safety precautions for fuel pump fault detection of generator set sorted out by Starlight Company for users. We hope you can operate the diesel generator set in strict accordance with the regulations.

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