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Routine Starting Steps Of Shanghai Diesel W Series Diesel Engine

Nov. 05, 2022

W series diesel engine can be started when the ambient temperature is not lower than 5 ° C as follows:


1. Detach the diesel engine from the transmission.


2. The mechanical control device is in the running position.


3. Start the pre supply oil pump to make the oil pressure in the main oil duct of the diesel engine reach 100kPa.


Note: The diesel engine can be started only after the oil pressure in the main oil duct of the diesel engine reaches 100kPa.


The electric pre supply oil pump shall not work continuously for more than 20 seconds.


4. Press the start button to rotate the diesel engine and control the governor speed handle at the same time. When you hear the continuous noise of the diesel engine, immediately release the button for adjustment. The diesel engine speed control handle will make the diesel engine run at idle speed.


diesel engine


The diesel engine must be started without load.


The maximum starting time of the diesel engine shall not exceed 10 seconds, and the interval between each starting must be greater than 2 minutes.


5. After the hot diesel engine is started, it should run for 3-5 minutes at idle speed before gradually accelerating the loading operation.


6. After the cold diesel engine is started, it shall run at idle speed for 5-10 minutes to warm up the engine. When the standby oil pressure reaches 0.4 MPa, the outlet temperature of the diesel engine coolant is higher than 55 ° C. When the oil outlet temperature reaches 45 ° C, the warm-up is completed. During warming up, check whether all instruments work normally, check the tightness of the diesel engine and external pipelines, check the running sound of the diesel engine and supercharger, and observe the exhaust smoke color. If any abnormality is found, stop the vehicle immediately for inspection. Warm up technology allows gradual acceleration of loading operation.


7. The full load operation is allowed only when the water outlet temperature of the diesel engine is higher than 75 ° C, the oil temperature is higher than 60 ° C, and the oil pressure is higher than 0.40 MPa.



Especially after low temperature startup, the increase of speed or load should be as slow as possible to ensure that all bearings are lubricated enough and the oil pressure is stable.


It is forbidden to accelerate the loading operation immediately after the diesel engine is started.


The idling time of the diesel engine is not allowed to be too long, otherwise the diesel engine will be damaged. Because the temperature of the combustion chamber is low during idle operation, the fuel can not be completely burned, resulting in carbon deposition in the cylinder and blockage of the injector orifice. The piston ring and valve are stuck, which leads to the performance degradation of the diesel engine.


When using a jumper cable to start the diesel engine, be sure to connect the cables in parallel: the positive pole is connected to the positive pole, and the negative pole is connected to the negative pole. When starting the diesel engine with an external power supply, set the circuit breaker to the "OFF" position. Before connecting the jumper cable, pull out the key to prevent accidental starting.


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