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Replacing Skills For Crankshaft Bush Of Diesel Generator Sets

May. 20, 2022

There will be some different problems in the use of diesel generator sets. In the process of maintenance, all generator sets need to be disassembled, so there are many problems involved. The following will introduce the replacement method of the crankshaft bush of diesel generator sets by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd..


1. If it is found that the crankshaft does not turn when replacing, you can disassemble the drive belt on the flywheel, pry the flywheel nut lock plate, and then use the special wrench for disassembling the flywheel to put it on the flywheel nut in a clockwise direction. Click the handle of the wrench, and the flywheel can roll over under normal circumstances.


2. After the flywheel rolls over, you can disassemble the gear chamber cover, gear and rear cover, unscrew the flywheel nut, and pull out the flywheel directly from the left.


diesel generator set

3. Then use a suitable elbow socket wrench to unscrew the upper connecting rod screw, and roll the crankshaft so that the piston is at the top dead center. Finally, directly remove the main bearing cap screws, push out the main bearing caps, reach out and unscrew the connecting rod screws from the rear cover, take out the connecting rod caps, pull out the crankshaft from the machine side, and then use a wire to pass through the big end of the connecting rod. Fasten the screw holes on the top.


4. Decide how to repair it according to the corrosion and damage of the crankshaft journal, and match the tiles accordingly.


5. Install the crankshaft after the main bush is installed as usual, roll the crankshaft to make the crank turn backward, and then pull the wire tied to the big end of the connecting rod, so that the piston connecting rod group moves down to the dead center until the big end of the connecting rod and the connecting rod are moved. The journals fit together. Then insert the upper tile between the connecting rod big end and the journal from the back, and the lower tile is pressed into the connecting rod cover. Then screw in the connecting rod screws by hand and install the main bearing cap.


6. After tightening the connecting rod screws according to the specified torque, reassemble all the removed parts.


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