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Replacement Spare Parts for Silent Diesel Generator Sets Maintenance

Oct. 23, 2023

The silent diesel generator set is a commonly used mechanical equipment, just like a car. It is idle when not in use, and the car needs comprehensive maintenance and replacement of spare parts at a specific time; Similarly, when maintaining a silent diesel generator set, it is also necessary to perform maintenance on the equipment itself. Which spare parts usually need to be replaced during the maintenance process?

silent generator

After the unit has been running for a long time, the cylinder liner and piston wear form a conical ellipse, which is usually replaced together. After the piston rings are worn, it is necessary to replace them in groups or as a complete set, rather than just replacing one ring or mixing them with new rings. It is necessary to replace the wet cylinder liner water blocking ring in pairs, otherwise it will affect its sealing performance. The crankshaft main bearing shells and connecting rod shells, as well as the upper and lower tiles, need to be replaced together. It is not possible to replace only one tile between them, otherwise it will affect the normal cooperation gap.

It is necessary to replace the main bearings of the crankshaft in pairs to ensure the same quality when repairing the horizontal bar diesel engine of a silent diesel generator set. The connecting rod body and large end cap are combined and processed with high precision. If replacement is necessary, it is necessary to replace it in pairs. Replacing only one of them cannot ensure the assembly technical requirements. It is necessary to replace the two connecting rod bolts with a new pair of bolts together to ensure that the deformation of the two bolts is basically the same after being subjected to force, and to prevent the occurrence of mechanical accidents.

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