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Repair Methods for The Big End of The Generator Set Connecting Rod

May. 17, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the faults and maintenance methods that are easy to occur inside the large end of the connecting rod of the generator set.

The part of the connecting rod big end that can be removed is called the big end bearing cap. When assembled by connecting bolts, connecting rod bushes (or bearing bushes) are installed on the bearing cap and the inner wall of the big end of the connecting rod to reduce the wear of the crank journal and the inner wall of the big end of the connecting rod. In the long-term use process, the most easily damaged part of the connecting rod is the connecting rod bush. The faults that are prone to occur in the connecting rod tile include scratches, abrasions, partial wear, cracks and peeling of the alloy layer, severe wear and tile burning.

generator maintenance

The main reasons for the failure of the big end of the connecting rod are as follows: First, improper use and maintenance, such as more impurities in the oil, overloading of the generator set, too little oil, the generator set is not preheated and the speed is increased instantaneously too high, Low oil pressure, etc.: Improper assembly or manufacturing defect, etc.

The inspection methods after the big end of the connecting rod is damaged are as follows: after the repairman starts and preheats the generator set, it accelerates suddenly, if there is a clear "dang, dang" sound at the side cover of the body, and then suddenly drops from high speed to idle speed , the above sound weakens or disappears, it can be concluded that there is a fault inside the big end of the connecting rod.

The test is carried out by the cylinder-by-cylinder breaking method. If it is found that the sound of "dang, dang" after the oil is cut off in a certain cylinder weakens or disappears, and the above-mentioned sound reappears when the high-pressure oil pipe is connected again, it means that the cylinder connecting rod bearing bush or connecting bolt out of order. The connecting rod bearing bush of diesel generator set is a wearing part, which can be replaced with a new one. For a few bearing bushes with repair value, manual scraping, boring and other methods can be used for repair. The crankshaft flywheel assembly is a very important part of the generator set 14F. It rotates by the thrust of the piston connecting rod assembly, and outputs power through the flywheel, and drives the valve train and other auxiliary devices at the same time.

The crankshaft is made of wear-resistant cast iron, and its structure is divided into two types: integral type and combined type. The integral crankshaft is forged from a piece of integral steel, such as 190 series generator sets, single-cylinder generator sets and a few medium-sized generator sets. The combined crankshaft is manufactured by separately manufacturing the various components of the crankshaft, and then combined by connecting screws, such as 135 series generator sets, various large generator sets, etc. belong to this type. The crankshaft is mainly composed of belt pulley, front axle, crank, roller bearing and output flange. The crankshaft is the most important rotating part in a generator set, it converts the reciprocating motion of the pistons into rotational motion.

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