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Methods for Removing Carbon on The Surface of Diesel Generator Set Components

Sep. 15, 2021

Diesel generator sets are sprayed into the combustion chamber through high-pressure atomized diesel, and carbon deposits will be formed under the action of high temperature if they cannot be completely burned. If these coke deposits are not removed and the diesel generator set is directly assembled, the thermal conductivity of the combustion chamber components will decrease. The valve and valve seat will not be tightly sealed, the piston ring will be stuck in the piston ring groove, and the diesel generator set will experience overheating. At present, there are two methods for removing coke deposits: mechanical removal and chemical removal.

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1. Mechanically remove carbon deposits on the surface of parts

This method is relatively simple, but the cleaning effect is not ideal, the work efficiency is also low, and it is also easy to damage the surface of the generator parts. If the carbon deposit on the surface of the part is thick or the finish on the surface of the part is not strictly required, wooden tools can be used to remove it. The mechanical removal method is suitable for maintenance sites or temporary repairs where the maintenance environment is harsh and working conditions are not allowed.

2. Chemical method to remove carbon deposits on the surface of parts

Chemical method to remove coke deposits is to use chemical methods to prepare a certain amount of solution, and then soak the parts of the diesel generator set with coke deposits in a container containing a chemical solution, so that the coke deposits on the surface of the parts and the chemical solution will become chemically It is softened or dissolved by the reaction, and after taking it out, remove the carbon deposits with wooden tools, brushes or wiping cloths. Using chemical methods to remove carbon deposits has a higher efficiency and a good removal effect, and it is not easy to damage the surface of the parts, but the cost is higher.

The chemical solution used by the maintenance unit is collectively referred to as the decarbonizer. Decarbonizing agents are divided into two types: organic decarbonizing agents and inorganic decarbonizing agents. Organic decarburizing agent has strong decarburization ability and can be used at room temperature, and it is non-corrosive to non-ferrous metals, but it is expensive and highly toxic. It is mainly suitable for the removal of precision parts and non-ferrous metal surface carbon. Inorganic decarburizing agent has low cost and low toxicity, but it has a poor effect on removing carbon deposits in the combustion chamber of diesel generator sets, and is corrosive to non-ferrous metals to a certain extent. It is mainly suitable for removing carbon on the surface of steel parts.

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