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How to Remove Carbon Deposits on Cylinder Heads of Diesel Generators

Sep. 16, 2021

In the maintenance of Volvo diesel generators, it always involved the problem of removing carbon deposits on the cylinder head. If the coke attached to the cylinder head cannot be removed, it will cause the Volvo diesel generator to overheat, reduce power, and increase fuel consumption. At present, there are two methods for removing carbon deposits in cylinder heads: mechanical and chemical methods, and the two methods can also be used in combination.

There are many ways to remove coke deposits by mechanical methods, but generally, the coke deposits are removed manually. Remove the Volvo diesel generator cylinder head and place it in a dish containing diesel to soften the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, and then use a scraper or flat-blade screwdriver to remove the carbon deposits. After the cylinder head is scraped off the carbon deposits, it should be cleaned with diesel or kerosene, and then wiped dry with a wiper cloth, and then other aspects of assembly are carried out.

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Volvo diesel generator cylinder set with:

(1) Clean the sundries inside and outside the machine before assembly, and then install a rubber water seal in the groove of the cylinder liner. After installing the water-sealing ring, apply a layer of engine oil on the water-sealing ring, and then use a special tool to fit the cylinder into the cylinder body. After the cylinder is fitted into the body, it should be measured whether its inner diameter is deformed.

(2) After the Volvo diesel generator cylinder kit is equipped, the distance between the end face of the cylinder liner higher or lower than the plane of the cylinder block should be measured. Generally, it should be between 0.05mm and 0.15mm. The method of the pad is adjusted.

(3) After the Volvo diesel generator cylinder set is installed, the verticality of the cylinder liner shall be measured to prevent the accident of the connecting rod being broken due to the incorrect cylinder set.

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