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Requirements for The Use of Bearings in Cummins Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 16, 2023

Do you know the requirements for the use of bearings in Cummins diesel generator sets? Firstly, due to the low transmission accuracy of bearings in Cummins diesel generator sets, the diameter of the gear ring is relatively large, and the gear modulus is relatively large. Therefore, the accuracy level of gears is generally required to be level 9 or 10 in GB/T10095.2-2001. However, due to the impact between the small gear and the bearing ring under working conditions, the tooth surface of the bearing ring needs to be quenched. The hardness of the small gear tooth surface is generally 60HRC. Considering the design of equal service life, the quenching hardness of the large gear tooth surface is specified to be no less than 45HRC. Of course, the low-temperature impact energy is required by the standard for yaw and pitch rotor bearing rings. The low-temperature impact energy requirement is -20 ℃ below zero, with Akv not less than 27J. The Akv value in cold state can be determined through consultation with the user.

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Cummins diesel generator sets may operate in extremely cold areas, with bearings operating at temperatures around -20 ℃. Bearings must be able to withstand large impact loads under low temperature conditions. Therefore, it is required that the material of the bearing ring must undergo a low-temperature impact energy test after quenching and tempering treatment. A portion of the bearing ring should be made into a sample or a sample with the same performance and heat treatment conditions as the ring, and the impact energy test should be conducted in an environment of -20 ℃. Attention should be paid to the clearance, and there are special requirements for the clearance of yaw and pitch bearings. Compared to the yaw bearing, the impact load of the pitch bearing is relatively large, and the vibration caused by wind blowing on the blades is also large. Therefore, it is required that the clearance of the pitch bearing should be zero or slightly negative, which can reduce the micro wear of the bearing under vibration. The yaw bearing requires a small clearance value of 0-501~m.

In addition, due to the fact that the yaw and pitch bearing rotation of the Cummins diesel generator set are both driven by the drive motor, the bearing should ensure that the drive motor can drive under negative or small clearance conditions. Therefore, after assembly, the bearing needs to measure the starting friction torque at no load, and the specific torque value varies depending on the driving system of the host machine. Finally, there is anti-corrosion treatment. High humidity environments can also corrode the bearing substrate. Therefore, the exposed parts of yaw and pitch bearings require surface anti-corrosion treatment, usually using galvanized treatment. Apply paint protection treatment on the outside of the galvanized layer as needed. Only bearings that meet the above requirements can better support the operation of Cummins diesel generator sets. Of course, the appropriate components are only the first step in the efficient operation of Cummins diesel generator sets. More importantly, it depends on your daily use and maintenance.

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