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Reasons Why Volvo Diesel Generator Sets Cannot Start

Oct. 21, 2021

What do you think why the Volvo diesel generator sets cannot start? First of all, we are worthy of affirmation that Volvo diesel generator sets have the advantages of stable voltage, reliable operation, low emissions, low noise, etc. However, Volvo diesel generators will also be encountered during use. The generator set cannot be started, so what causes the Volvo diesel generator set to fail to start? Let's take a look at it together. Then first check whether the battery terminal is in poor contact with the connecting cable. If the battery electrolyte is supplemented too much during normal maintenance, it may overflow the battery surface and corrode the terminal, which increases the contact resistance and makes the cable poorly connected.

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In this case, you can use sandpaper to polish the corroded layer of the terminal and the cable connector, and then re-tighten the screw to fully contact, and then check whether the battery voltage reaches the rated voltage of 24V. The communication between the monitoring of the generator set status and the EMCP control panel is maintained by the battery power supply. When the external battery charger fails, the battery power cannot be replenished and the voltage drops, and the battery must be charged at this time. The charging time depends on the discharge of the battery and the rated current of the charger. In an emergency, it is generally recommended to replace the battery.

Consider whether the positive and negative cables of the starter motor are not firmly connected. Vibration occurs during the operation of the Volvo diesel generator set, and the wiring is loosened, causing poor contact. The probability of starter motor failure is less, but it cannot be ruled out. You can judge the operation of the starter motor. Touch the shell of the starter motor with your hands at the moment of starting the Volvo diesel generator set, or if the starter motor is severely hot and has an irritating burnt smell, the motor coil has been burned. It takes a long time to repair the motor. It is recommended to replace it directly. There is air in the fuel system. This is a more common fault. Usually, the air enters due to improper handling when replacing the fuel filter element. After the air enters the pipeline with the fuel, the fuel content in the pipeline is reduced and the pressure is reduced, causing the Volvo diesel generator set to fail to start. Exhaust treatment is required at this time.

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