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Reasons of Volvo Generators Enter Water Part 2

May. 27, 2022

Following the last article. In addition, if the cylinder head bolts of the diesel engine are not tightened as specified or the surface is not cleaned during the cleaning process, resulting in the cylinder gasket not being compressed, it will also cause coolant leakage at this time. It is difficult to accurately judge whether the cylinder head gasket is damaged. This inspection can only be carried out after the faults of the cylinder liner and the oil radiator have been discharged.

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The oil radiator of the Volvo generator is damaged: the radiator core consists of a row of copper tubes, the coolant flows in the copper tubes of the radiator core, and the diesel oil circulates outside the tubes; During the flow process, the high-temperature oil is cooled by the coolant to ensure that the certain oil temperature. When the radiator copper pipe is broken or the seals at both ends of the radiator core fail, the coolant may enter the diesel oil sump through the oil passage. When the diesel engine is working, the oil pressure should be higher than the pressure of the circulating water. Under the action of the pressure difference, the oil can enter the coolant through the crack of the copper pipe.

At this time, it is shown that there is oil in the water tank of the diesel engine; When the diesel engine stops working, because the water level of the water tank is higher than the oil radiator, under the pressure formed by this height difference, the cooling water will pass through the radiator pipe and enter through the oil passage. In the diesel oil sump, it is necessary to judge whether the diesel radiator has oil.

When the copper tube of the radiator core is damaged, it should be checked with compressed air. The specific method is: seal the two ends of the radiator core with iron plates, leave a small hole at one end, and fill the copper tube with water through the small hole. Blow in 7kg of compressed air from the small hole and keep it for 5-10min; If there is water or gas coming out of the radiator oil passage, it can be determined that the radiator copper pipe is damaged and must be replaced. In addition, if the seal between the two ends of the radiator core and the radiator shell fails, cooling water may also enter the oil pan.

In the process of Volvo generator, you must pay attention to the maintenance of the Volvo generator and the regular inspection of the Volvo generator, so that the abnormality of the Volvo generator can be found in time and dealt with in time. After all, the price of a Volvo generator is not cheap, and the damage of the Volvo generator is also a big loss to the company.

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