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Reasons of Volvo Generators Enter Water Part 1

May. 27, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce to you what causes the Volvo generator to enter the water.

Unloading and perforation: The diesel engine adopts wet cylinder liner, and the cylinder liner directly contacts with the cooling water of the diesel engine to dissipate heat. The cooling water scours the outer surface of the cylinder liner during the circulation process, which will form cavitation and cavitation on the outer surface of the cylinder liner; over time, denser pits will appear on the water-facing surface of the outer surface of the cylinder liner, and in severe cases make the perforation of the cylinder liner into the diesel oil sump.

volvo genset

To check whether the cylinder liner is perforated or the cylinder liner of which cylinder is corroded and perforated, you can remove the diesel oil pan and fill the radiator water tank with water, slowly turn the diesel engine, and observe whether there is water flowing out of the cylinder wall or If the coolant seeps out, it can be determined that the cylinder liner is perforated; In addition, if the water blocking ring of the cylinder liner is damaged, the coolant will also enter the oil pan. If it is found that the coolant drips from the outer wall of the cylinder liner, it may be caused by damage to the rubber water blocking ring. When prying the diesel engine, if it is very difficult to rotate, it cannot be forced to rotate; This may be because coolant has entered the cylinder in the compression stroke. At this time, if you do not pay attention, it may damage the connecting rod of the diesel engine or other parts.

Cylinder head damage of Volvo generator: After the cylinder head of the diesel engine is cracked, even if there are only small cracks, the coolant will leak into the cylinder and the oil pan from the cracks when the diesel engine is working. The cylinder head is generally not damaged. To know whether it is in good condition, it can be checked with 7kg of compressed air. Once damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

When checking the diesel engine oil during use, if it is found that the oil turns milky white, it must be stopped for careful inspection and repair, and the work can be continued after troubleshooting. Otherwise, due to poor lubrication, the diesel engine will suffer from vicious mechanical accidents such as pulling the vale, pulling the cylinder, and even locking the crankshaft.

The cylinder head gasket of the Volvo generator is damaged: The cylinder head of the diesel engine and the cylinder block of the diesel engine are sealed by the cylinder gasket, and the water channel of the cylinder block has a corresponding sealing ring on the cylinder gasket to ensure that the coolant does not leak. If the flatness error of the cylinder head or the cylinder block plane of the diesel engine exceeds the allowable range, the cylinder gasket will not be tightly sealed, and the coolant may leak into the oil pan.

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