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Reasons for Using Three Phase Windings in Diesel Generators

Sep. 13, 2023

Because the user end of China's power supply system is three-phase four wire system and has the highest efficiency, diesel generators are also three-phase electric, which maximizes efficiency. The three-phase four wire power supply system has formed this system, which cannot be changed now and has become a reality. The rotation angle of the diesel generator varies by 120 degrees, so the electrical equipment should also meet the usage conditions, otherwise it will be disorderly.

diesel generating set

Industrial electricity is three-phase, with three ropes at an angle of 120 degrees, forming the simplest torque stable structure on a two-dimensional plane, thus becoming the simplest stable rotating torque structure.

In a right angled triangle, a triangle with a sharp angle of 60 degrees and a right angled edge that is exactly half of the hypotenuse is replaced with a 4-phase 5-phase one. This increases the input from the motor to the cable by one-third to two-thirds, resulting in a corresponding 30% to 60% decrease in reliability. The most optimal requirement for AC diesel generators is three-phase windings, which have low efficiency in single-phase and two-phase systems, as well as high internal resistance in four and five phases, resulting in low output efficiency and severe heat generation. Only three-phase efficiency is the highest, and phase conversion is the fastest and most stable. Large diesel generators are all three-phase with high power.

Because a week is 360 degrees, in order to improve efficiency, three sets of coils are usually used, with a spatial phase difference of | 120 degrees for each group. This is the optimal parameter obtained by combining factors such as electromagnetic induction utilization rate, power generation efficiency, and production efficiency. Six groups (six phases) take the second place. Three-phase diesel generators have high efficiency, with a power angle distribution of 120 degrees per phase. The motor winding is relatively simple, and there seems to be no four phase or five phase power supply in the world's electricity market. Another advantage is high efficiency and low metal consumables. Actually, I'll tell you a secret. Although it's three-phase, only one wire has electricity in an instant. Since the dynamic electricity is three-phase, it must be matched with three-phase voltage and phase difference.

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