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Reasons for Unstable Idle Speed of Cummins Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 24, 2023

The PT fuel system patented by Cummins Diesel Generator Set Company has a unique overspeed protection device; Low pressure oil pipeline, with fewer pipelines, low failure rate, and high reliability; High pressure injection, sufficient combustion. Equipped with fuel supply and return check valves, it is safe and reliable to use. What causes the unstable idle speed of Cummins diesel generator set.

cummins generator set

1. Improper adjustment of the speed stabilizing spring: During idle operation, due to the small centrifugal force of the flying ball, the control force of the speed regulation is also small. If the Cummins diesel generator set suddenly decelerates, the adjustment movement of the oil supply rod may exceed the idle position, causing the Diesel generator to shut down. To prevent this situation, push the speed stabilizing spring directly behind the governor cover towards the idle position of the oil supply gear rod; If the spring is too soft or adjusted too far, it will weaken or fail to stabilize the speed, causing unstable idle operation.

2. Wear of the flying ball: When idling, the opening of the flying ball is the smallest, and the spring slide sleeve extends excessively towards the flying ball due to the wear of the small roller of the flying ball, causing irregular direct collisions with the flying ball body, resulting in unstable idle speed. At this point, lightly touching the refueling control lever with your hand will cause a slight feeling of impact.

3. The elasticity of the idle spring is poor or adjusted improperly: when the Cummins diesel generator set is running, the increase of load will reduce the speed. If the idle spring or starting spring becomes soft, the oil supply gear rod cannot move rapidly to the direction of increasing oil to increase the speed, which will cause automatic flameout of Cummins diesel generator set in serious cases.

4. The oil supply of the low-pressure oil circuit is not smooth or contains water and air: this will make the oil supply volume vary from time to time, especially in the low-speed area, which will lead to the unstable operation of the Cummins diesel generator set.

5. The conical bearing of the camshaft of the support cam of the injection pump is excessively worn: in this case, the camshaft will produce irregular movement in the axial direction, which will make the speed of the Cummins diesel generating set unstable.

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