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Reasons for Tripping During Operation of Diesel Generator Sets

Sep. 13, 2023

During the operation of diesel generator sets, tripping may occur. So why is there such a problem? What else should we do? Let's take a look at it below. Firstly, when the main circuit breaker at the outlet of the diesel generator set trips automatically, check if there are obvious fault symbols on the generator indicating device. Sometimes, the excitation should be immediately cut off. If there are no abnormal symbols, the duty personnel should adjust the generator voltage and frequency within the normal range when the machine and furnace are in good condition, and check if the high-voltage power supply of the diesel generator set is tripped, Check if the starting transformers are interconnected.

diesel generator set

Check whether the power supply is normal, based on the accident phenomenon and relay protection action, determine the nature and scope of the fault, and conduct a detailed external inspection of the generator transformer group and related equipment to determine whether there are external fault characteristics. If the busbar differential causes generator overcurrent protection, or if the substation fault causes generator overcurrent protection, check the external normal of the generator, isolate the fault, and contact the network to adjust and connect to the power grid. Before tripping, if there is strong excitation and current impact, it reflects the main protection (differential, heavy gas, etc.) of internal faults in the diesel generator set, and the power grid operates normally, it should be dealt with at this time.

If there is no strong excitation effect, there is no surge current before tripping, the power grid operates normally, the engine and furnace are normal, and the water, hydrogen, and oil systems of the generator and main transformer are normal, such as checking the generator and its circuits; Check the action protection, if all normal generators can start with zero voltage. If everything is normal during the boosting process, the generator can be connected to the power grid and continue to identify the cause. When the voltage rises, the strong excitation and automatic regulation devices should not be put into use, and the neutral point on the high-voltage side of the diesel generator set should be grounded. If abnormal phenomena occur, the diesel generator set should be immediately stopped for inspection.

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