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Reasons for the Timing Belt Jumping of Diesel Generator Sets

Jun. 29, 2022

The transmission mode of the camshaft of many diesel generator sets is the toothed belt drive, which must be regularly maintained and adjusted during its use. Otherwise, the timing belt tooth skipping phenomenon will occur, which will cause the diesel generator set to be difficult to start, poor acceleration, and insufficient power, increased fuel consumption, etc. There are 4 reasons why the toothed belt jumps.

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1. The toothed belt is in contact with oil or other solvents. The toothed belt is a rubber part and should be kept clean during use. If it comes into contact with oil or other solvents, it will be damaged by corrosion, so that the teeth will slip and jump during operation.

There are generally 2 reasons why the toothed belt is in contact with oil or other solvents: First, the maintenance personnel accidentally stained the toothed belt with solvent during maintenance. Second, the oil leaks into the front oil seal of the camshaft or the front oil seal of the crankshaft after aging. The toothed belt chamber is in contact with the toothed belt. Therefore, the toothed belt and timing drive pulley (referred to as pulley) should be wiped with a clean cloth when maintaining the diesel generator set. If oil leakage is found in the front oil seal of the camshaft or the front oil seal of the crankshaft, the oil seal should be replaced in time.

2. The tension of the toothed belt is not checked and adjusted regularly.

During the use of the toothed belt, its tension will be reduced due to the wear of the toothed belt. If the tension of the toothed belt cannot be adjusted in time, the tooth skipping phenomenon will occur. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the diesel generator set, the tension of the toothed belt should be regularly checked and adjusted, and the interval mileage of the inspection and adjustment should be determined according to the surrounding environment and climate conditions of the diesel generator set. If the diesel generator set is often used in a heavy environment, the tension of the toothed belt should be checked and adjusted every 50 hours to 100 hours.

3. The diesel generator set starts too quickly. One of the characteristics of the rubber belt is that when it is suddenly subjected to a tensile force, there will be instantaneous elongation. In the abnormal rapid start, a large pulling force will be given to the toothed belt, so that the toothed belt will jump teeth due to instantaneous elongation.

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