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Reasons for The Shooting of Cummins Diesel Generator Sets

Nov. 17, 2023

Cummins diesel generator sets sometimes experience shooting during operation. At this time, we need to investigate the cause and specific solutions? Below, Dingbo Power Generation Equipment will be introduced in detail to everyone.

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The Cummins diesel generator set experienced severe afterburning in the diesel engine, causing the mixture to enter the exhaust pipe and continue to burn when the exhaust valve was opened, producing an explosive sound. During the intake stroke of a diesel engine, pure air enters the cylinder. It only begins to inject fuel towards the end of the compression stroke, and small droplets of fuel, after certain preparation, reach the ignition condition and burn on their own. Fuel droplets diffuse while burning; This is the diffusion combustion method of the Cummins diesel generator set diesel engine.

Injecting early, before compression ignition, too much combustible mixture is formed. When these mixtures burn simultaneously during ignition, it can cause a sharp increase in pressure and temperature in the cylinder, resulting in increased combustion noise. This is also known as the rough combustion phenomenon that occurs in the Cummins diesel generator set diesel engine, also known as cylinder knocking. The injection is delayed, especially at high loads, and there is still a large amount of fuel injection, as diffusion combustion takes a certain amount of time and can lead to severe afterburning.

The decrease in fuel injection pressure of Cummins diesel generator sets leads to poor fuel atomization quality, larger diameter of small fuel droplets, and longer diffusion combustion time. Excessive oil content that cannot completely burn can also lead to the possibility of combustion after entering the exhaust pipe. If there is a problem with the sealing of the fuel injector, it can cause dripping and excessive fuel to enter the exhaust pipe. The sealing performance of the cylinder deteriorates, causing a decrease in the pressure and temperature inside the cylinder, slowing down the combustion speed of the fuel, and prolonging the post combustion period.

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