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Reason for The Low Output Power of Diesel Generator Sets

Oct. 13, 2023

Do you know the reason why the output power of diesel generator sets is too low? In the operation of diesel generator sets, some users may find that the output power of diesel generator sets does not meet the specified standards. So what is the reason for this situation and how to deal with it? Below, the diesel generator set manufacturer will provide a detailed introduction to the reasons for this phenomenon, and users can make judgments based on the following content. There are many reasons for the malfunction of the valve structure and intake and exhaust system, such as incorrect valve timing, valve spring failure, valve carbon accumulation, etc.

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Damage to the valve structure and intake and exhaust system can affect the power output of the diesel generator set. If this phenomenon occurs, it is necessary to check and adjust the valve timing, replace the valve spring in a timely manner, and clean up carbon deposits. The causes of low compression force generally include air leakage at the joint between the cylinder head and the engine body, damage to the cylinder gasket, and air leakage at the joint between the fuel injector and the fuel injector. The handling method is as follows: replace the cylinder gasket and gasket, tighten the tight cap of the fuel injector, clean the seat hole, etc. High water temperature, high temperature during operation of diesel generator sets or failure of the cooling system can lead to high water temperature, and excessive water temperature will seriously affect the output power of diesel generator sets.

So the generator set manufacturer suggests that users should strengthen the inspection of diesel generator sets in daily life, timely check the cooling and lubrication systems, regularly clean them, and promptly remove any scale found. If the output power of a diesel generator set is too small, it will not be able to provide power support normally, affecting the operation of various equipment and delaying production progress. If users encounter the problem of too small output power, they can focus on whether it is caused by the above three reasons. Based on different reasons, corresponding measures will be taken to put the diesel generator set into production as soon as possible.

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