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Reasons for The High Exhaust Emission of Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 12, 2022

If the piston ring or cylinder liner of the diesel generator set is seriously worn, resulting in a loose seal between the piston and cylinder liner, during the compression and expansion process of diesel generator sets, a large amount of compressed gas will enter the crankcase through the small gap between the piston ring and the cylinder liner, resulting in an increase in the exhaust gas pressure of the crankcase.

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Although the piston rings of the diesel generator set are not damaged, if all the openings of the piston rings are aligned, a large amount of high-pressure gas during the compression and expansion steps will enter the crankcase, causing the exhaust pressure of the headstock to rise.

Diesel generator set piston rings sticking, breaking or losing elasticity will cause the cylinder seals to loosen and the combustion gases to flow down into the crankcase, which will greatly increase the exhaust pressure in the headstock.

1. Respirator membrane or (respirator) piston accident. If the breather membrane or (breather) piston fails, the crankcase will lose balance with the atmosphere, resulting in increased exhaust emissions from the crankcase due to the differential pressure between the inside and outside of the crankcase.

2. Blockage of the ventilator and the air balance micro-vent: The blockage of the ventilator and the air balance of the micro-vent will cause the inside of the headstock to be out of balance with the atmosphere. Similarly, under the action of the internal and external pressure difference, the exhaust volume of the crankcase will also increase.

Too much oil can increase the pressure on the crankcase exhaust. This is because there is limited space in the headstock and too much oil has been added. The high-speed moving parts such as the crankshaft connecting rod of the diesel generator set will seriously impact the oil, causing the oil to splash into the oil mist, resulting in an increase in the exhaust pressure of the crankcase.

If the piston rings of the diesel generator set of the air compressor are severely worn, the compressed gas and oil of the air compressor will flow into the crankcase together, resulting in an increase in the exhaust pressure of the headstock. When there is no problem with the piston rings, cylinder liner and breather of the diesel generating set, and the exhaust pressure of the main shaft box is still high, it is necessary to carry out corresponding strict inspection on the air compressor.

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