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Reasons for Oil Leakage of Diesel Generator Turbocharger

Oct. 14, 2021

Oil leakage at both ends or one end of the diesel generator turbocharger is one of the most common faults in use. Theoretically speaking, the oil that enters the intermediate under normal pressure, after passing through the bearing working surface, the oil pressure has become zero, but naturally flows downwards back to the oil pan of the diesel generator by gravity.

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Moreover, under normal working conditions, there is a certain gas pressure at the back of the impeller at both ends of the turbocharger, so the oil will not flow from the low pressure area to the high pressure area. And the sealing ring also plays the role of sealing oil. Nevertheless, if used improperly, the following conditions can still cause oil leakage at both ends of the turbocharger.

Long-term idling operation of diesel generator: Long-term idling operation of diesel generator will produce a certain negative pressure at the back of the turbocharger turbine and impeller, which will cause the oil in the intermediate to leak out. Therefore, the diesel generator should be avoided for a long time Run at idle speed.

Poor oil return: In use, if the oil return pipeline is deformed or blocked, the oil will not return smoothly. The oil pressure in the intermediate is too high, and the compressor oil flows along the axial ends of the rotor and extrudes the seal ring. Oil spill. Therefore, always check whether the oil return pipeline is unblocked to ensure that the oil can flow back to the oil pan normally.

Diesel generator crankcase pressure is too high: the crankcase exhaust gas pressure exceeds the specified value, which will increase the pressure in the turbocharger oil return line, and the oil return will not be smooth, which will cause the sealing ring to leak. Always check the ventilation status of the crankcase and whether the lower exhaust pipe is unblocked.

Blocked air filter or poor air intake: After the diesel generator is used for a long time, the air filter element will be blocked due to excessive dust accumulation, or the air intake hose may be too soft and deflated, which may cause poor air intake, etc. If the negative pressure of the compressor intake is too high, the seal ring will leak oil due to the high negative pressure at the back of the impeller. Therefore, the air filter and the intake hose should be checked and maintained regularly to ensure that the filter element is not blocked and the hose is unobstructed. Maintain normal air supply.

Diesel generator seal ring wear or failure: If the oil is not replaced for a long time, too much impurities in the oil will act as abrasives, which will aggravate the wear and thinning of the seal ring, and gradually lose its gas and oil sealing effect and cause oil leakage.

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