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Reasons for Oil Burning in New Generator Sets

Sep. 07, 2023

The new generator set has not been in use for a long time and has experienced oil burning, which is mainly caused by improper use and maintenance by operators. Before adding full load to the new generator set, it must undergo a 60 hour running-in period. During this period, the method specified in the generator set user manual must be followed for running-in, otherwise there may be a problem of diesel engine oil burning.

Emergency diesel generator

Fault cause:

After a period of running in, there are many metal shavings and particles in the oil of the newly introduced generator set. If these metal shavings and particles are not removed in a timely manner, it will affect the lubrication of various moving parts. If metal chips or other debris splash between the piston rings, it can cause the diesel engine to pull the cylinder and cause the engine to burn oil.

Troubleshooting method:

1. New generator sets must drain the oil within 100 hours of operation, then replace it with a new oil, or drain the oil and allow it to settle before use.

2. Before starting the generator set, be sure to use a flat screwdriver to turn the flywheel of the generator set. The flywheel of the generator set should be turned twice to complete an oil distribution cycle. In winter, it is necessary to turn it a few more times before starting the generator set.

3. When starting the generator set, it is necessary to rotate it at low speed for about 5 minutes before increasing the speed. The main purpose of this 5 minute movement time is to provide sufficient lubrication for each moving component and preheat the entire generator set. At this time, observe for oil pressure. If not, stop the machine immediately.

4. When the generator set burns oil severely, the cylinder head and piston connecting rod components can be removed to observe the degree of damage to the cylinder liner and piston ring. If the damage is severe, it can be replaced.

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