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Reasons for Floating Oil on The Coolant Level of The Generator Set

Nov. 08, 2021

When the generator set was in use, when the water tank cover was opened to check the coolant level, it was found that there was a layer of oil floating on the liquid level, but it was checked that the crankcase oil did not contain water and the liquid level did not change. So, what is the reason for this phenomenon? How to deal with it? Below, Starlight power generation equipment will be introduced in detail for you.

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The reasons for its failure are:

1. The core tube of the water-cooled oil radiator is broken or desoldered, causing the oil to leak into the coolant.

2. The cylinder gasket of the generator set is damaged, causing the lubricating oil hole to communicate with the cooling water hole to produce oil and water mixing.

3. The quality of the cylinder block or cylinder head of the generator set is poor, there are blisters on the wall between the water channel and the oil passage, and the oil leaks into the coolant.

4. The gasket connecting the oil cooler and the oil inlet and outlet of the cylinder is damaged and the oil leaks.

Fault diagnosis and treatment method:

1. If you find that there is floating oil on the coolant level, you can first release the original coolant, flush the cooling water channel, and add new coolant after flushing. When using, observe the time and amount of floating oil on the liquid surface again. How much, determine the treatment method.

2. If the engine of the generator set has been used for more than one month before the phenomenon of floating oil appears, and the amount of oil is very small, it may not be repaired temporarily, and the whole machine will be checked and repaired when the whole machine is repaired. The water will not be immersed in the lubrication system. This is because even if there is a very small perforation somewhere, because the oil pressure when the engine is working is always greater than the pressure of the coolant, the oil leaks into the water channel under the action of the pressure difference. When the engine stops working, the oil pressure decreases and no longer Leakage to the cooling water jacket, although there is a certain water pressure at the small hole, it is not enough to overcome the oil resistance of the large viscosity in the small hole, so the coolant cannot enter the oil.

3. When disassembling and inspecting, first check whether the oil cooler is damaged. If there is leakage in this place, replace the gasket or oil cooler core. When replacing, pay attention to the flatness of the gasket and the tightness of the fastening bolts.

4. If the oil cooler is in good condition, the cylinder head should be removed, and the cylinder head and cylinder body should be checked for cracks and blisters. If blisters are found, they can be blocked with a plugging agent.

5. Carefully observe whether the water jacket hole and the oil hole of the cylinder gasket have any signs of leakage. If so, use fine asbestos thread to apply sealant to bond. Pay attention to flatness when bonding, not too thick, so as not to cause other leakage. If the cylinder gasket is severely damaged, it should be replaced in time.

6. Pay attention to the method of tightening cylinder head bolts. The bolts must be tightened according to the steps and the specified torque.

Starlight power generation equipment reminds users: Usually, each time the generator set is started or after the shutdown, it is necessary to check whether the amount of oil floating on the coolant level has changed. When the amount of oil floating suddenly increases, it must be overhauled in time.

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